Wiz-Rewards is a web-based loyalty management system which provides information that allows businesses to offer exciting and innovative rewards programmes to their most valuable customers.

With build-in interactive communication channels and data mining tools, the system can carry out specific targeted marketing campaigns for driving events and promotions towards a segmented audience, enhancing customer retention as well as increasing revenue per customer.

Key Features

•  Card / Cardless option
•  Stored value option
•  Modern web-based application for administrators/operators/members.
•  Powerful reporting tool to provide real time transaction behavior of members.
•  Compatible with mobile devices.
•  Built-in communication interfaces for email, SMS and Direct Mailing.
•  Built-in rule-based engine offering points, voucher, lucky draws or other customized
marketing programmes for members.
•  Supports multiple outlets and merchants.
•  Can be customised to support multiple languages.