Wiz-ePay 3D Secure ACS 1.0.2

Chargebacks is one of the major problems for internet purchases. Majority of the chargeback reasons are fraud-related or cardholders claiming non-participation. To reduce the number of disputed online purchases, there is a need for a means to enable Issuers to verify that the person making an e-commerce purchase is an authorised cardholder.

Need for Authentication
Access Control Server (ACS), a software application designed to monitor and manage the authentication and access control of online payments. All access rights and user credentials are easily monitored and administered through a web-based management interface. The implementation of an ACS and the use of the Access ID combine to provide robust authentication and access control.

Key Features

Convenient Browser Interface
Cardholders can access their bank’s Wiz-ePay 3D Secure ACS using normal web browsers, without downloading any special software. The user interface can also be customised to include branding and marketing messages for the issuing bank.

Multiple Language Interface
Wiz-ePay 3D Secure ACS supports multiple languages in a single system, and lets the cardholders select their preferred language in every session.

Easy Administration
Wiz-ePay 3D Secure ACS comes with web-based administrative tools for issuing bank’s administrator to main the system parameters, generate reports, monitor system performance and receive real-time alerts.

Wizvision’s Wiz-ePay 3D Secure ACS solution is currently certified by the following cards association:

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System Requirement

Operating System
•  Microsoft Windows Server OS
•  Solaris
•  Linux

Database Server
•  Microsoft SQL Server
•  Oracle

Application Server
•  IBM Web sphere
•  Oracle Web Logic
•  Apache Tomcat

Web Server
•  Microsoft IIS version
•  Apache Web Server

Virtual Machine
•  Java Runtime