Our Services

Wizvision provides the following professional services to our customers:


Design, Development & Maintenance of Turnkey Software Application

Every business or organization is unique and has many mission critical business processes that need to be e-enabled. Due to these unique operational requirements, regular Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) software applications just cannot meet the needs of the organization.

Without a good fit, organizations will not be able to achieve maximum productivity as well as good rate of returns from their IT investments with these COTS software.

Wizvision has the expertise to help our customers build sophisticated custom software applications that are tailored especially to meet their business needs.

Besides the initial professional application development services, Wizvision also offers comprehensive application maintenance, support, upgrading as well as hosting service throughout the entire life-cycle for these applications. This full range of services ensures that our customers can obtain maximum mileage out of their IT investments.

Due to strength of our application development capabilities, Wizvision can also offer comprehensive application maintenance / upgrading services for software applications that were not developed by us!


Design, Development & Maintenance of Electronic Payment Applications

With a large portion of the population owning and using mobile/computer devices, e-commerce is set to grow exponentially.

WizVision has the technology and expertise to help you to tap on this new emerging business opportunities.

For payment processors and large scale e-merchants, Wizvision can equip you with sophisticated electronic payment gateway/technologies to allow you to accept/process credit/debit card transactions over the internet.


Design, Implementation  & Maintenance of IT Infrastructure

Wizvision has the expertise to design ,implement and maintain complex IT network infrastructure; for both on premise or on cloud; for our clients.